Prior to Listing your home must dos!

The first impression is the most important one. Make it squeaky clean! It is better that buyers think of fitting theKitchen-wide table in the
kitchen than how much “work” needs to be done before they can move in! Freshly painted walls and doors will make an impact
and provide a good return on dollars spent. Ask your REALTOR® for specific advice, as they know what your competition is in
the marketplace.

Here is a List of “Must-Dos” for Every Seller:

  • Keep the front yard neat and trim shrubs so buyers can see your home
  • Paint the front door and polish or replace the hardware and front door mat
  • Make sure your doorbell is working
  • All outside lighting should be clean and working (NO cobwebs!)
  • Repair exterior wall cracks and paint the house if needed, it’s money well-spent
  • Clean the driveway and garage of any stains and remove all boxes in the garage to a storage unit or attic
  • Garage door should work smoothly
  • Shampoo/replace the carpet – neutral colors sell far faster than mixed colors
  • Clean the floors, particularly the grout on the tile floors
  • No squeaky windows or doors
  • Wash the cabinets inside and out
  • Tighten all cabinet doors and door knobs
  • Paint the interior of the home a light neutral or white color, the home appears larger as well as clean
  • Windows should sparkle, clean window coverings, wash the blinds or shutters
  • Repair leaky faucets, caulk bathtubs and showers
  • Be sure all toilet seats look new and are firmly attached
  • Replace shower curtains, fluff the bath mats
  • Repair noisy ceiling or ventilating fans
  • Kitchen appliances should be spotless
  • Pack away and remove all photos, nick-knacks and collectibles
  • Extension cords and power strips should be out of view
  • Dirty laundry should be put out of sight
  • Replace all air filters
  • Pool/spa equipment and mechanics should be kept clean and working properly
  • Paint or replace fences, gates, latches (if needed

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